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April 2023 release highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

Here are the notable feature & data improvements, technical updates, documentation updates, and bug fixes from April 2023.

Feature improvements:

  • Bundles Pricing

    • ¬†Added prices to the part line item payload for bundles.

  • Order Management

    • Improved filtering shipping methods by address whenever an address is provided by a customer.

  • Referral Links

    • Made updates to allow referral links to be included within order completion events.

  • Stripe Invoicing

    • Made improvements to reduce the number of errors generated by manual invoices.

    • Added 'P.O. Number' and 'Company Name' to Stripe Invoices.

  • Stripe Orders

    • Orders with more than 10 line items can now be processed in Stripe.

  • Subscriptions

    • OMS will now log actionable date changes only if the actionable date was changed by an individual user.

Data (Looker) updates:

  • Autonomy Multi-tenant improvements

    • Line Items by Units logic updated to utilize Chord Bundles.

    • Subscriptions Order Aggregates.

    • Activity Page Details in Activities (new fields in the Activity-related explores).

  • Performance Multi-tenant improvements

    • App_id was added to the line items, orders, and sales explores and incorporated into Business Overview, Customer, Product, and Supply Chain dashboards.

    • Activity Page Details in Activities (new fields in the Activity-related explores).

SDK and other technical updates:

  • For Chord's Performance customers: Chord's Javascript SDKs now support Shopify Storefront API Version 2023-04. We encourage you to upgrade before July 1, 2023, when Shopify will stop supporting the current 2022-07 Storefront API version. You can find additional documentation below.

  • We updated Subscription events when items are added or removed from carts. View additional information about this update here.

  • We also updated an event related to Subscription payment emails. View additional documentation about this change here.

Documentation updates:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where operators would experience page crashes when they were viewing a subscription type that included a product variant that was deleted.

  • Fixed a bug where batch orders with automatic taxes enabled were not getting taxed.

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