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August 2023 Release Highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

Here are the notable feature & data improvements and bug fixes from August 2023.

Feature improvements:

  • Batch Orders

    • Allow merchants to add metadata to batch orders.

    • Allow merchants using the batch order tool to override store-level defaults for Wine Shipping (3PL). Merchants can now customize customer number and order type.

  • Bundles

    • Made an improvement so that product tax categories for bundles are synced between the CMS and Chord OMS.

    • Made an update to our bundles API call so that when you get a bundle, you will receive the SKU and all item information on the bundle.

    • Allow the line_item endpoint to consume an options value regardless of whether or not a root parameter exists.

    • Note: We are in the process of updating our Bundles documentation. Existing documentation can be found here.

  • Orders

    • Allow merchants to tag orders that were created from Stripe payment links.

    • Allow merchants to generate a new installment and a new order without completing the order so that merchants can modify the order as needed.

  • Store Variables

    • When a merchant deletes a store variable, they will see a prompt to confirm deletion. 

  • Subscriptions

    • Subscription reminders are now configurable prior to subscription renewals. Previously, we did not send a subsequent reminder to a customer/end user if the actionable date was changed by customer. We now allow subscriptions to re-process the reminder.

    • Made an improvement so that if you have a subscribable product in the CMS and if you change the variant or SKU, it will update all of the subscriptions that have that variant or SKU.

    • Allow end users to create separate subscriptions in an order with multiple line items in the cart in addition to allowing end users to manage these subscriptions separately.

    • Fixed a crash that would occur if merchants deleted a subscription type that is linked to a variant type.

  • Taxes

    • Allow merchants to create an adjustment to add fees.

Data (Looker) updates:

  • Autonomy Multi-tenant improvements

    • Unit Basket Aggregate fields added to Orders and Sales explores. This provides unit-level details per order.

    • Transactions Explore added. This is a new explore that shows the details of each transaction for an order - type of transaction, reason for transaction, payment form of transaction, etc.

    • Updates to the marketing channel mapping - three new sources added.

  • Performance Multi-tenant improvements

    • Users Explore added. This explore contains information about the user and order history, including most recent shipping and billing address, overall and average spend metrics, orders created and completed, and products purchased.

      • For customers with predictive features enabled, these fields are an addition to the existing Users Explore with many more details and order aggregated metrics.

      • For customers without predictive features enabled, this will be a new look at customers and their purchase behavior.

    • Updates to the marketing channel mapping - three new sources added.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where if a customer had a free item in an order, it was combined with existing discounts or promotions.

  • Fixed a bug where orders would not complete if the Chord OMS could not update the inventory.

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