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August release highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

As we look back on 2022, we are sharing some releases from months past! Here are improvements and new features from August:

  • New Segment/Chord OMS/email events: new_order completed, shipment_delivered, order_canceled, order_refund, subscription_skipped, subscription_plan_changed

  • Subscription types feature (more on subscriptions coming in the new year)

  • New server-side events: user_created, user_updated

  • Gift card importer and events and store credit importer

  • Support for Braintree payment sources

  • Support for single-brand multi storeĀ (more on this product coming in the new year)

  • Support for first subscription purchase / single order promotion rule

  • Support for Sanity CMS

  • Added Explore definitions to Looker

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