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Chord's Hub Release | Phase 1

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

You can experience the full product tour when you log into the Hub as a Chord customer

Why did we create a Hub?

Prior to the Hub, Chord customers logged into various platforms to view their analytics, manage their orders, organize their site content, and conduct numerous other tasks in order to run their business. We have been hearing from you that centralizing all pieces of the platform in one place would streamline the process of making impactful decisions.

The Hub is that centralized interface for operators to interact with all Chord features, with a few convenient links to external platforms where it makes sense.

What’s included in the Hub?

There are several sections in the Hub, which you can navigate among using the left-hand menu.


  • Home: Here you can quickly see the key metrics for your business health and growth

  • Orders: Create new orders, manage existing orders, and easily process returns and refunds.

  • Analytics: Easy access to curated dashboards and Analytics Explores which are 13 data sets for you to go even deeper on your metrics

  • Promotions: Create and manage your promotions. Check out our scannable promotion summary! Identify exactly how each promotion works in an instant.

  • Products & Content: Quicklink to your CMS for creating and managing products, right alongside your site content. 

  • Settings: Manage the integrations and configurations for your storefront.


  • Users : Need to invite team members to Chord? Easily send an email invite here and see who’s pending. Note that only Admin users can invite others. 


  • Ask a Question

  • Documentation

  • Help Center

How do you access the Hub?

  • Simply use your customer email to log into the Hub — please contact your Customer Success team if this is your first time or if you are running into issues.

  • If you are already logged into Hub Analytics (the predecessor to the Hub), please log out and log back in using the same email.

  • To invite new users via the hub, please follow the instructions here.

Phased Release Plan

Chord will release the Hub in phases in order to provide value to our customers as quickly as possible and also gather feedback for product improvements.

This initial release is intended to be a complete product release for existing merchants, but does not include the Subscriptions feature. We're working hard to include this in the next release.

Questions & Feedback

Please reach out to your customer success contact or email with any questions or feedback about the Hub.

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