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CRM and SMS Integrations with Chord

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

Big News! A number of integrations are available for Marketing platforms!

Chord supports: 


  • Attentive

  • Emotive


  • Braze

  • Iterable

What is an integration?

An e-commerce integration enables communication between a retailer’s online website presence and any system that makes their business run.

In Chord’s case, the majority of integrations is powered through our APIs communicating with other services through the respective platform's APIs.

Why integrate your CRM and SMS providers with Chord?

Email and marketing campaigns driven by services allow you to communicate with your existing and prospective customers.

Event data aggregation brings event information for any CDP (Customer Data Platform) data into our Business Analytics tool, available to view with your other business metrics all in one place, our Hub.

Ultimately, our aim is to bridge the effort gap between finding an insight within your suite of tools and implementing the final business decision.


To set up your preferred integration please email

For customers interested in a demo of Chord's hub and integrations please email

Full list of integrations

For a list of all our integrations, please see our help desk here.

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