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Data Explores (Beta) Now Available In The Chord Hub

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

What are Explores?

Explores allow you to dig into your data and answer specific, complex questions. Explores are powered by the fields and dimensions Chord’s data team has already modeled for you, which makes them powerful and accurate. Explores were previously available in Looker, but they are now easily accessible in the Hub so analysis and action all happens in one user interface.

Example Use Cases

With Explores in the Hub, you will be able to slice and dice your data across modeled attributes, which results in reliable and precise outputs or visualizations.

For example, you can start with an existing product sales dashboard, then use Explores to drill down to understand sales over time by variant. Or you can take an existing customer cohort dashboard and drill down to investigate how purchase frequency corresponds with cohort value. This functionality unlocks rich, personalized analyses across all of your sales and customer data.

Explores will be most valuable for data analysts within the Analytics section of the Hub. There are predefined, thematic data sets populated for you and available for immediate analysis.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions, please contact the Data team via or your Customer Success manager and flag your question as one related to analytics and data.

How can I provide feedback?

At Chord, we are continually improving our data offering and we’d love to hear your feedback and requests. Please reach out via or through Customer Success.

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