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February 2024 Release Highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

The new year is in full swing for the Chord team! Below is a snapshot of notable feature improvements, data improvements, and bug fixes from the Chord team in February 2024.

Feature improvements:

  • API Updates

    • Limit the /orders/mine endpoint to return only 6 orders per call and add a /orders/completed endpoint to return only completed orders. We made this improvement since this endpoint fetches way too much data at once for a given customer, which can result in very long and delayed requests.

      • Updated technical documentation is forthcoming.

    • We made an improvement to allow Order Shipment States to be searchable via API.

  • Checkout

    • Allow for alternative payment options, such as Klarna, to be available on embedded checkout.

  • Customer Anonymization

    • We added a way for Chord Autonomy brands to securely remove and anonymize customers from the Chord OMS.

    • Note that when customer data is anonymized, all store credits and gift cards are invalidated. Refunds will not be automatically provided - all refunds must be completed before removing the customer. Additionally, all subscriptions (standard and pre-paid) are cancelled. Personally identifiable attributes are deleted or anonymized, as outlined in the documentation linked below. Lastly, a User Deleted event is emitted to the CDP that can be consumed by downstream destinations. Customers must configure destinations to handle this event as appropriate. The workflow neither removes nor requests to remove data in downstream systems (beyond emitting the User Deleted event). Merchants are accountable for removing customer data from these systems.

    • Here is the latest documentation that provides more information about this feature and how it works! We encourage Chord Autonomy brands to thoroughly review the removal process and follow the steps outlined in the documentation to anonymize customers.

  • Gift Subscriptions

    • Added the ability to search recipient by name and email in the prepaid (gift) subscriptions page in Chord OMS.

  • Promotions

    • We made the following improvements to the Promotions page within Chord OMS: Added pagination to the Users rule, updated to the search field for removing users from specific promotions, and added a count for new and removed promotion users.

  • Shipping Settings

    • Added two additional tiers to the per_item_weight calculator under Shipping Settings in Chord OMS. Now brands can create a total of 5 different shipping tiers as needed.

  • Subscriptions

    • Add a filter for subscription event types for ease of search and usability in Chord OMS.

Data (Looker) updates:

  • Autonomy Multi-tenant improvements:

    • Improved the connection between Looker data and Chord OMS data for better data searchability by surfacing OMS-generated IDs throughout the analytics layer, including aggregated order ID arrays and pre-paid subscription IDs.

    • Additional timeframes have been exposed in the Transactions Explore for additional reporting functionality.

    • Enhanced logic for mapping attribution channels and identifying paid vs organic channels.

    • Unit aggregates at the order level were re-introduced. This enables users with bundles to see down to the unit-level details in an array within the Orders Explore. This can provide faster analysis without having to switch to a more detailed level explore.

  • Performance Multi-tenant improvements:

    • Additional subscription fields added to the following Explores:

      • Users Explore: Subscription aggregate fields were added at the user level. This included metrics around total number of created and cancelled subscriptions, count of subscription orders, flags for currently active subscribers, if the user has orders subscription and/or a la carte, and if they had a subscription in their first order.

      • Orders Explore: Orders are now flagged to identify first subscription order and first completed subscription order. Orders also include the rank of subscription created and completed orders per user.

      • Subscriptions Explore: Subscription cancel dates are now available in all timeframes.

    • Enhanced logic for mapping attribution channels and identifying paid vs organic channels.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where gift cards could be redeemed more than once by the same customer.

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when syncing orders for a SKU that does not exist in Chord OMS.

  • Fixed an issue where there were minor amount rounding differences between brands' TikTok shops and Chord OMS.

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