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Introducing: Subscription Retries!

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

The Chord team is excited to introduce Subscription Retries for automatically generated subscription installments! This feature allows for custom retry settings via the Chord OMS when there are any issues that impact subscription installments for each store.

How does it work?

A subscription installment order may fail for three reasons:

  • Payment failures

  • Out of stock products

  • Other "general" failures

Subscription installment orders that fail for any of the reasons listed above will be automatically retried per your specific store settings. For example, if a customer's payment fails for their next subscription order, the Chord OMS will automatically attempt to retry the payment according to the settings you set on your store.

Great! What else do I need to know?

Current Chord Autonomy customers will notice that four new e-mail templates have been added to the CMS in support of this feature. The new e-mail templates are:

  • Subscription Insufficient Stock

  • Subscription Installment Payment Failed

  • Subscription Installment Failed

  • Subscription Cancelled

Chord Autonomy customers will need to update the branding on these e-mail templates so that customers will stay informed of their subscription retry status.

Documentation links

For additional information and guidance for Chord customers, please check the documentation below!

Operator Documents

Note: This is an updated announcement that was originally published on September 21, 2023.

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