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January 2023 release highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

Here are the notable feature & data improvements, documentation updates, and bug fixes from January 2023.

Feature improvements:

  • Gift Cards

    • Add gift message to the payload for Email Gift Card Redeemed and Email Gift Card Purchased events.

  • Payments

    • Enable PayPal and Chord Checkout eligible for Stripe tax.

  • Reporting

    • Improve reporting on current transfer liabilities for affiliate payments with long transfer times.

  • Returns and Exchanges

    • Limit exchanges to same stock location: When performing an exchange via RMA, only in-stock product variants located in the same stock location as the returned item will be available.

  • Stock Availability

    • Chord OMS will now factor backorder limits when displaying stock availability. If an order quantity exceeds the quantity on hand and the backorder limit, Chord OMS will raise an "Out of Stock" error.

  • Subscriptions

    • Prevent customers from creating assortments with dates that overlap other assortments in the subscription type.

    • Allow a promotion to apply to subscription items only. This closes a loophole where a customer could qualify for a specific percentage discount off a subscription item in their cart and then add several a-la-carte versions of the same SKU and receive the same discount.

    • Record an event on the subscription Events page when a subscription’s actionable date has changed.

  • User Settings

    • Improve the "Reset Password" functionality. If a user requests to update their password, they will be able to reset their password by clicking on a password update link they will receive via e-mail. The reset password link in the e-mail will direct the user to a "Change my password" screen where they can enter and set the new password without having to confirm their old password.

Data (Looker) updates:

  • Multi-store improvements: Released unified OMS, store, and tenant IDs.

  • Added new user fields to Solidus. The following fields were added:

    • A la carte revenue

    • First order revenue

    • Last order revenue

    • First order products

    • Promo usage

  • Updated time to fulfillment fields in Solidus (time to first and time to last fulfillment).

Documentation updates:

  • Shipping Method: A guide that provides how Chord OMS uses a flexible system to calculate shipping.

  • Shipping Zone: How to configure geographical zones to create rules for specific locations.

  • Store Credit: A guide that lists scenarios to understand how these credits are applied during Checkout.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where images for line items were not appearing in order emails. This is because not all variants had images defined in the CMS.

  • Fixed crashes that were occurring when importing large bulk orders.

  • Fixed a bug where shipment events were not sending to Klayvio.

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