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July 2023 Release Highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

Here are the notable feature & data improvements and bug fixes from July 2023.

Feature improvements:

  • Order Fulfillment

    • Add an auto-ship fulfillment service for orders that include items that are non-fulfillable.

  • Shipping

    • When creating a shipping method, selecting a store is now required in Chord OMS if you have multiple stores.

  • Subscriptions

    • Record payment failures from Stripe in the subscriptions event log.

    • Include line item IDs in pre-paid subscription payloads.

    • Prevent subscription orders from generating cross-sell flows.

Data (Looker) updates:

  • Autonomy Multi-tenant improvements

    • Subscription Improvements: Actionable Date, products added to Subscription Event and Subscription explores allowing for filtering and pivoting by individual products.

    • Fulfillment Improvements: Fulfillment number is now surfaced across explores, fulfillment state added to Line Items explore.

    • Infrastructure Improvements:

      • Completed definitions; all fields have a definition in Looker.

      • ChordOMS ID fields surfaced across explores.

      • Added additional metrics to include more average and total fields in the measures, and increased parity across explores.

      • Improved dashboard formatting.

  • Performance Multi-tenant improvements

    • Infrastructure Improvements:

      • Completed definitions; all fields have a definition in Looker.

      • Updated the groupings in the explore navigation to be more clear for line item aggregates.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where shipment confirmations were not being processed if the tracker number was not valid.

  • Fixed a bug related to prices for Stripe payment links. Previously, when a product was added to Stripe directly with a different price and also made available via Payment Links, the Chord OMS would not recognize the new price.

  • Fixed a bug where PayPal payment sources were not being modified when a user record was merged with another user record.

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