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March 2024 Release Highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

Spring is finally here and we have a fresh batch of product updates to share with you! Below is a snapshot of notable feature improvements, data improvements, and bug fixes from the Chord team in March 2024.

Feature improvements:

  • Chord Data Platform

    • Introduced empty state designs across the platform to better visually communicate feature availability for brands.

    • Set the default homepage metrics filter to display week-to-date rather than daily metrics.

  • Chord OMS

    • Checkout

      • Stripe embedded checkout is the default checkout implementation for brands onboarding to Chord OMS. Additional documentation on embedded checkout can be found here.

      • We made additional updates to our Stripe checkout experience to allow brands to require consent at checkout. This improvement supports the following:

        • Setting STRIPE_CHECKOUT_CONSENT_REQUIRED to enabled will display the standard "agree to terms" message.

        • Setting STRIPE_CHECKOUT_CONSENT_REQUIRED to enabled while also providing a custom message to STRIPE_CHECKOUT_CONSENT_MESSAGE will override the default terms message.

    • Customer Anonymization

      • Completed additional updates to existing customer anonymization capabilities in the Chord OMS by providing downstream anonymization through the CDP.

    • Promotions

      • A new promotion type now exists in Chord OMS. In addition to allowing promotions to be applied to all orders or to all subscriptions, promotions can now be exclusively applied to a la carte orders.

Data updates:

  • Autonomy Multi-tenant improvements:

    • Paid/Organic attribution channel field has been updated to include SMS in Organic.

  • Performance Multi-tenant improvements:

    • Additional subscription fields added to users and orders Explores.

    • Improvements have been made across the Orders and Sales Explores to provide more details on the orders for sales and shipping information. These improvements include:

      • Exposing the shipping tax and item tax breakout per order as opposed to only the total tax.

      • Successful Captures are rolled up into sales dollars as some customers use the auth/capture method for sale transactions.

      • Successful refunds are surfaced in the order aggregate metrics vs all refunds.

      • Payment methods and shipping methods are now being surfaced.

    • Paid/Organic attribution channel field has been updated to include SMS in Organic.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed an issue where some Stripe invoices were created with $0 invoice amounts.

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