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New Feature: Gift Subscriptions

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

The Chord team is excited to announce our new Gift Subscriptions feature!

We've listened to your feedback and we are excited to provide a way for your customers to purchase subscriptions as gifts on behalf of friends and family! It’s convenient, thoughtful, and their gift can continue on for many months with each installment.

How does it work?

  • Customers can select a gift subscription, choose the item quantity and frequency, and provide the gift recipient details.

  • Upon checkout, customers will be able to pay for the gift subscription in full.

  • The customer who purchased the gift subscription will receive a confirmation e-mail. The gift subscription recipient will receive an e-mail confirmation about the gift subscription.

  • Gift subscriptions will cancel upon completion.

Documentation links

For additional information and guidance for Chord customers, please check the documentation below!

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