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October 2023 Release Highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

Here are the notable feature improvements and bug fixes from October 2023.

Feature improvements:

  • Orders

    • Added a referrer user id to the order completed event. This provides information on who generated the referral for an order for e-mail events that we send to the CDP.

  • Promotions

    • Added a checkbox on the Promotions page in Chord OMS to filter promotions by automatic or non-automatic promotions.

  • Subscriptions

    • Chord OMS will now send a subscription updated event to our CDP when an actionable date on a subscription has changed.

    • When you retrieve a subscription from the API, it will include an attribute called activated at which is the date the subscription was created for new customers or when the subscription was paused and then reactivated by existing customers.

    • Additionally, when a subscription is paused, the Chord OMS will clear out actionable dates for any dates for a previously failed installment.

    • Our subscription retries feature is now an opt-in feature. If a subscription fails because a customer's payment fails, for example, Chord OMS will simply pause the subscription.¬†Additional documentation on the subscription retries feature announced last month can be found here.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug related to no-cost orders where the Chord OMS would try to transition the order's state from cart to completion, causing errors with the orders changing its state to complete.

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