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September 2023 Release Highlights

AUTHOR: Chord Product team

We closed another busy month here at Chord! A notable highlight from the past month has been the expansion of our Promotions Engine capabilities. More details on what has been improved in the past month and how to unlock these additional platform capabilities can be found below!

Feature spotlight:

  • Promotions Engine Improvements

    • Promotions are a powerful and critical part of your business. We expanded our promotions engine to allow you to capture additional sales and stand out amongst competitors in delivering value for your customers. We made three key updates to our promotions engine in the past month: Introduced a tiered quantity-based promotion, expanded the promotions rule for product variants, and introduced a discount price API endpoint.

      • Tiered quantity-based promotion: You can use this promotion to set a specific cart discount based on the quantity of items customers have added to their cart for purchase. For example, you can offer a 15% discount on a purchase of at least three items, or a 10% discount on a purchase of at least two items. This tiered quantity-based promotion can either be applied to subscription items or non-subscription, a-la-carte items.

      • Product variant promotion: You can use this promotion to give your customers a discount based on the number of product variants in their cart. For example, a product could be defined as a t-shirt and a product variant can be the shirt in a specific size or in a specific color.

      • We added a discount price API endpoint to make the sale price more visible to customers, since promotions aren’t typically calculated until the valid items are in the cart.

      • Additional information regarding these promotions updates can be found in our operator documentation below:

Additional feature improvements:

  • Orders

    • Added the ability for Chord OMS users to regenerate orders. Based on feedback from customers, we added the ability for merchants to easily regenerate completed orders to accommodate lost or otherwise unfulfilled orders quickly on behalf of customers.

    • Improve customer name searching within Chord OMS, specifically with Orders.

    • Added the product URL to a number of third party email events that go to Segment (this applies to both Order and Subscription events).

  • Payments

    • Previously, we would add a default payment method when orders were created (that would later be invalidated when order payments were captured in Stripe). This added some unwanted complexity for merchants, so we removed the default payment method entirely in the Chord OMS to ensure that zip code validation would pass seamlessly via Stripe.

  • Shipping

    • Merchants can now decide whether or not to base their free shipping threshold on the order total OR discounted order total.

  • Stock & Inventory

    • Made an improvement to allow tenants to override inventory levels when marking a shipment as “shipped”.

  • Subscriptions

    • Chord Subscriptions will now account for item quantity when checking whether a promotion is eligible to be applied to cart items.

    • When a customer purchases multiple subscriptions in one cart, the customer will now see information about all of the subscriptions that have been purchased in a single transaction email.

    • Customers are now unable to set a subscription actionable date that occurs in the past.

  • Webhooks

    • We now allow for webhook logs to be searchable and filterable within Chord OMS. Customers can search and filter webhooks by navigating to the "Attempts" tab via the Webhooks page in Chord OMS.

  • Miscellaneous Updates

    • Increased the minimum password length in the Chord OMS to be 8 characters.

    • Admin users now need to enter their Chord OMS password before changing or editing customer emails.

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